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Lockdown shopping habits see 93% of UK online shoppers buy on Amazon


Feb 2021

Lockdown shopping habits see 93% of UK online shoppers buy on Amazon

Global ecommerce and marketplace specialist Pattern has polled UK online shoppers to understand how lockdown shopping habits have changed and consumer’s expectations for 2021, as well as their attitudes to Amazon. The percentage of UK online shoppers who bought from Amazon in the past 12 months stands at 93%, with 86% specifically reporting that they bought from Amazon’s UK site. This means that out of...

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Apr 2019

Amazon has already captured its key to future dominance

Amazon is winning with teens. In Piper Jaffray’s most recent survey of teens’ preferences and buying patterns, half of respondents said that Amazon was their favorite website. That response was 10 times as popular as the next answer. Amazon’s score was up three points from last fall and six points from a year ago. Teens seem to be shopping online more than ever, running counter to some...

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Jan 2018

This Survey Shows Just How Wide the Gap Is Between Amazon and the Competition

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is the dominant force in online shopping. Even as competitors like Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) step up their online retail operations with new initiatives and acquisitions, Amazon continues to widen the gap between itself and everyone else. $0.43 of every dollar spent shopping online in the United States during 2018 will go to, according to eMarketer. It’s one thing to see the gap in sales volume increasing; it’s another to understand...

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Dec 2017

Amazon may have patented the next big thing in online shopping

User-generated Amazon reviews are one of the most important ways that consumers find products and decide what to buy. So much so that Amazon has consistently shown itself to be Google’s competitor in e-commerce search. Almost all Amazon product reviews are written but, as business research firm L2 wrote, Amazon is now pivoting to video. It’s a broad strategy with Amazon inviting some of its 2 million...

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Oct 2017

The Buzz: Black Friday, holiday shopping swings more online, away from stores

Shoppers have had it with crowds and Christmas shopping angst. They plan to avoid a lot of the hassle this year by filling more of their holiday shopping lists online (54 percent) than in brick-and-mortar stores (46 percent), according to a survey released this week by Accenture. And they’re going to avoid going out on the busiest shopping days. Slightly more than half (52 percent) of survey respondents said they’re less...

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