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Jan 2020

Amazon Resumes Using FedEx Ground Network for Prime Shipments

Amazon AMZN has removed the ban, which was temporarily put on the usage of FedEx’s FDX ground delivery network for its Prime shipments that require superfast delivery speed. Notably, third-party sellers were unable to use the service for about a month during the peak holiday season as Amazon was of the opinion that the network was very slow. However, Amazon has witnessed improvement in the...

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Amazon blocks sellers from using FedEx for some Prime shipments


Dec 2019

Amazon blocks sellers from using FedEx for some Prime shipments Inc (AMZN.O) is temporarily blocking third-party sellers from using FedEx Corp’s (FDX.N) ground delivery network to handle Prime shipments as it strives to hit accelerated delivery deadlines this holiday season. This is likely to affect only a small number of sellers but “limits the options for those small businesses on some of the highest-demand shipping days in history,” a FedEx representative said. Amazon and...

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Jun 2019

FedEx to end Amazon contract for FedEx Express plane service

FedEx Corp on Friday decided to not renew its contract with Inc for U.S. cargo delivery through FedEx Express, the unit that delivers packages on planes, a move that reflects the broader trend of the e-commerce company moving services in-house. Amazon has been building out its own delivery network of planes, trucks and vans, a development that is seen posing a potential long-term challenge...

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