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Jan 2019

Amazon vs eBay: Why Amazon is winning the marketplace battle

Amazon and eBay both attract millions of UK shoppers every day and each has both fans and detractors. Stepping out of my shoes as a Tamebay writer for a moment and thinking as a consumer, I am firmly in the Amazon camp. Here is why. Convenience is a barometer of a successful trading body whether it’s delivered via fast shipping, a vast volume of product offering or technological...

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Oct 2018

Ebay has accused Amazon of trying to poach sellers from its platform

Ebay accused Amazon of trying to steal its “sellers.” Amazon employees used Ebay’s internal messaging system to recruit individuals that sell goods on Ebay and tried to lure them to Amazon’s platform, EBay alleges. Ebay on Wednesday accused of trying to poach sellers for its own platform through Ebay’s internal messaging system. “We have uncovered an unlawful and troubling scheme on the part of Amazon to solicit...

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