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Feb 2019

Amazon Vs. Alibaba: Changes In Cloud Market Can Throw A Big Surprise

Amazon’s AWS is growing at close to 50% with trailing 12-month revenue crossing $25 billion. AWS also reported improvement in operating margin to 29.3% from 26.5% in the year ago quarter. Alibaba cloud is becoming one of the strongest competitors to AWS with a growth rate of close to 100% in the last few quarters. However, the latest trade rhetoric and Huawei fiasco should improve...

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May 2018

Alibaba Vs. Amazon: Market Cap, Growth Rate, Profit Margins And Sales

Like Amazon (AMZN), Chinese internet giant Alibaba (BABA) is now involved in an ever-expanding range of businesses, from e-commerce and payment processing to cloud computing and entertainment. But how do these two tech titans stack up in terms of market cap, revenue, earnings growth and profit margins? And are both stocks poised to keep climbing? While both companies remain dominant players in the e-commerce space where they began, Amazon...

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