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Feeling lost in the confusing world of Amazon PPC Advertising?

Not getting a good return on your Amazon Advertising spend?

Panic no more, our Amazon Ads Manager Service solves all your problems & helps you really maximize the substantial benefits a well run Amazon PPC Campaign offers.

  • Monthly Fee per Campaign: $499

  • One-off Setup Fee: $199

1) Minimum of 1 month, no contract, can be cancelled anytime
2) No charge for setup with a minimum of 3 months commitment

Our Manage Ads Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
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What are Amazon Ads?
Amazon Ads is the internal Amazon Advertising platform which enables Amazon Sellers / Vendors to drive additional traffic to their product Listings through a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model. When managed correctly, PPC advertising is a very cost effective way to boost sales, revenues and Best Seller Rank (BSR) and in doing so, boost additional traffic to Listings and organic sales as a side effect and further benefit.
Service Summary
We offer a full “Hands Off” Amazon Ads Manager Service to take care of everything for you, to enable you to focus on the entrepreneurial and fun side of selling on Amazon – sourcing new products and growing your business, not getting caught up in the time consuming aspects of micro managing PPC campaigns each day!
Daily Management of Amazon Ads
We’ll take care of everything from the initial setup of the campaigns through to the daily monitoring of performance and ongoing tweaking of bids and keywords. We agree with you upfront what you monthly budget will be for each product and then you can sit back knowing your Campaigns are being looked after by experts who understand Amazon PPC and can truly deliver best bang for your buck!
Potential Returns
Potential returns can vary largely across the huge number of different product Categories on Amazon, but as a benchmark, we aim to achieve an Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) of between 10% – 25% once the campaign has been operational for a couple of months.
To put these figures into context, a monthly advertising spend of $1000 would deliver a return of $4,000 with an ACOS at 25% for an Optimized Listing. Less our monthly fee of $499, that means a Gross Profit of $2,501, so each $1 spent on advertising on Amazon would be returning $2.5 to you in sales after all PPC advertising costs – sound good?
Well, when you consider that in addition to these headlines profits, the sales delivered through your PPC Campaigns will boost your Best Seller Rank (BSR) so your product will jump up the Amazon search results and in doing so, deliver further organic sales which will boost your BSR even more! So, as the figures illustrate, when run properly, Amazon Advertising Campaigns can really accelerate the growth of your Amazon business and deliver exponential growth – so long as the product Listings have been Optimized so that they convert into sales of course!
For unoptimized Listings, the model still stacks up, but just doesn’t deliver the same level of results – if you have any questions or need any assistance in Optimizing your Listing, just get in touch and we can help you with this as well.

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Manage Amazon Ads

Our Manage Ads Reviews

Good service

Rated 4 out of 5
May 30, 2018

A little slow at the start, but by month 3 the guys came in as forecast with a good of ACOS of 23% so I continue to use.

Kyle Foster

Great service

Rated 5 out of 5
May 15, 2018

I started on the 3 month trial and so happy with the results I’ve renewed for another 6 months. Would recommend.

A Bowen

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