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Jeff Bezos considers himself as the least important person at Amazon

Jeff Bezos considers himself as the least important person at Amazon
27 Nov 2018

The founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos reportedly considers himself to be to be at the bottom of an inverted pyramid of importance within the Amazon organisation. The example is provided as part of staff induction when they start at the company and is presented by managers.

The claims come as an anonymous report in the Guardian that is highly critical of working conditions at Amazon. A warehouse worker in the United States says that Jeff Bezos considers customers and workers in fulfilment centres to be more vital to the organisation than he is. They represent the longer side of the pyramid and he is at the point at the very bottom. You can read the Guardian post here.

It was my first day as a seasonal Amazon worker, hired just prior to peak season. Our site operations manager was like many Amazon managers: an ex-military white male, in his late 40s and wearing straight-fit jeans and a T-shirt with “Amazon Military” emblazoned on the front. He drew a line alongside an inverted pyramid, writing “least important” on the bottom and “most important” higher up, with the word “customer” scrawled along the very top.
– Anonymous Amazon staffer in the Guardian

The piece, which is passionate and peppered with strong language, talks about how the author considers people working at Amazon to simply be extensions of the machines with deliberate attempts to dehumanise workings in action by management.

Jeff Bezos, who is the richest man in the world, is famous for making unusual claims regarding the Amazon business. He has said recently that he considers it inevitable that Amazon will eventually fail, as many businesses do and may only persist for another 30 years. He is also famous for frequently saying that every day is Day One at Amazon as the organisation must start anew every day with innovation and focus.

Source: Tame Bay