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Google beats Amazon to first place in smart speaker war

Google beats Amazon to first place in smart speaker war
30 May 2018

Amazon got pushed down to the second spot, as compared to Google’s 3.2 million units, Amazon sales of their Echo smart speakers fell down to 2.5 million during this quarter.

It claims shipments grew by 210% year-on-year to 9m units, which roughly matches the report published by rival Strategy Analytics earlier this month, which claimed 9.2m Q1 shipments (albeit with a larger year-on-year growth of 278%).

Vendors shipped 1.8 million smart speakers into the channel in Q1 2018 in China, while Korea overtook the United Kingdom to become the third largest market with 730,000 shipments. For smart speakers, it seems there is more room for disagreement, aided by the fact that the main players aren’t publishing many figures themselves. During the first quarter of 2018, a total of nine million units of smart speakers were sold by different manufacturers.

Google and Amazon are still dominating the smart speaker market with Alibaba’s Tmall Genie and Xiaomi following behind.

Google and Amazon, both have increased their focus on penetrating market reach in other countries; they are also facing a lot of competition from vendors from China and South Korea.

Research analyst at Canalys, Hattie He, claimed, “Alibaba has performed well to uphold its momentum of strong sales since the “11.11 shopping festival” in quarter four of 2017″.

There’s an interesting story below this, though, which is the quiet growth of the smart-speakers market in China.

He continues, “Awareness of smart speakers and their uses is growing steadily among Chinese consumers”.

The US is still the largest market for smart speakers selling 4.1 million units with China following at 1.8 million units and Korea overtaking the United Kingdom with 730,000 shipments. But its’ integration with the Google Home smart speakers, could be its biggest overall advantage in the battle for paying subscribers.

Canalys suggest that Google sales of smart speakers are up due to their penetration of India combined with retailers more willing to prioritise Google products as they view Amazon as a competitor.

Source: Click Lancashire