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Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content, introduced recently by Amazon, is a great way for sellers to tell the story of their brand and convey the product features in an entirely customisable way.

With Enhanced Brand Content, your product listing not only reads better and looks more attractive, it also improves almost every seller metric there is – from the conversion rate to repeat sales. The idea here is to let Enhanced Brand Content tell your tale with eye-catching product images and to-the-point, sales-oriented copywriting.

Our expert Enhanced Brand Content Copywriting team drafts for you well-written, perfectly templated and carefully optimized Amazon listings that your customers will love looking at and buying from!



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What is Enhanced Brand Content?
Enhanced Brand Content is a listing tool that gives Amazon sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry the luxury of presenting their brand and products in a better, more attractive and fully customisable format. Enhanced Brand Content is available in 1 made-to-order and 5 pre-set templates. Enhanced Brand Content aims at shifting the focus from solid, text-heavy listings to modular, image-heavy and easy-to-understand listings.
Service Summary
Our Enhanced Brand Content copywriting service is your one-stop solution to every Enhanced Brand Content listing requirement. Since this feature is quite new and largely undocumented, many sellers end up either not utilizing it to the fullest of its potential or uploading wrongly structured drafts that promptly get flagged by Amazon.
Our EBC copywriting service allows Amazon sellers to pre-empt these and many similar problems. Our team of expert Amazon copywriters, having drafted dozens of successful listings in diverse categories, knows what it takes to construct attractive, concise, keyword-rich and fully EBC compliant listings. In addition, we always stay on top of the latest updates to Enhanced Brand Content guidelines, meaning that your listing will always be up-to-the-date.
The Enhanced Brand Content copywriting service is available across all templates provided by Amazon as well as any other customized template you may have chosen.
NOTE – this services excludes the creation &/or provision of any images to be inserted into the EBC listing – these are an additional cost item which we can willingly quote on if you wished.
Why Enhanced Brand Content?
Selling products on Amazon is all about breaking through. The first few sales and the corresponding reviews are always the hardest to come by, thanks mainly to the immense competition that exists on Amazon. There are no categories left that do not have thousands of competing sellers in them, making the prospects of succeeding even more distant. Enhanced Brand Content, in such times, comes as a great way for your brand to overcome this competition by establishing a customer base that not only buys your products but also ‘remembers’ your brand.


  • Attractive on-page presence

  • Mobile friendly

  • Sales-oriented

  • Fully customizable

  • Modular structure, easy to navigate through

  • Highlights the USPs in a more pronounced way

Our Enhanced Brand Content copywriting service is a pioneering end-to-end solution that makes the process of getting EBC product listings live on Amazon truly hassle-free. If you have any questions about how Enhanced Brand Content can help you register higher sales, please feel free to get in touch with us today!

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