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How much competition are Amazon Own Brands?

How much competition are Amazon Own Brands?
17 Mar 2019

Below we have a list of over 80 known Amazon Own Brands or Amazon Private labels as they are sometimes referred to. It’s by no means a complete list as it doesn’t include products such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Tablet and Amazon Kindle products which come under the Amazon name. It’s also largely a US list and doesn’t include all the Amazon Own Brands from the UK and other territories around the world. What it does serve is to demonstrate the scope of Amazon Own Brands and how much they’ve grown in recent years.

Amazon Own Brands have grown to account for around 1% of Amazon’s total sales although Amazon didn’t specify if they were measuring total sales by product units or revenues. Nevertheless, 1% by whichever yardstick you use is a small but significant proportion of their business.

Amazon Own Brands vs Merchants

Amazon have around 2,500,000 merchants actively selling on their marketplace and Amazon reports that merchants sell more than half of all product units sold on the site. In the past the major competition would have been Amazon Retail selling products sourced through Amazon Vendors, but with their growing Private Label business, Amazon Own Brands will increasingly become the real competition in the future.

If Amazon have 2,500,000 merchants then for Amazon Own Brands (even if counted as 80 odd individual businesses) to take 1% of total sales is massive.

Amazon justified their 1% take of total sales by comparing themselves with household names like Aldi, Asda, Lidl, and Tesco, each of whom Amazon say have private label products that represent 25% to 85% of their sales. The difference being, of course, that none of the named supermarkets operate as marketplaces.

List of Amazon Own Brands
206 Collective
A for Awesome
Amazon Elements
Amazon Essentials
Amazon Fresh
Basic Care
Buttoned Down
Cable Stitch
Camp Moonlight
Clifton Heritage
Coastal Blue
Comfort Denim Outfitters
Core 10
Crafted Collar
Daily Ritual
Denim Bloom
Emma Riley
Good Brief
Hale Denim
Happy Belly
Haven Outerwear
Hayden Rose
Indigo Society
Isle Bay Linens
Kid Nation
Kold Feet
Lark & Ro
Leather Architect
Lily Parker
Madeline Kelly
Madison Denim
Mama Bear
Mariella Bella
Mint Lilac
Moon and Back
Mountain Falls
Nature’s Wonder
Ocean Blues
Painted Heart
Paris Sunday
Peak Performance Nutrition
Peak Velocity
Quality Durables Co.
Rebel Canyon
Rugged Mile Denim
Savoir Faire
Scout + Ro
Signature Society
Social Graces
Spotted Zebra
Stocking Fox
Stone & Beam
Suite Alice
The Fix
The Lovely Tote Co.
The Luna Coalition
The Plus Project
The Slumber Project
Trailside Supply Co.
True Angel
Ugly Fair Isle
Velvet Rope
Wickedly Prime
Wild Meadow
Wood Paper Company

By Chris Dawson

Source: TameBay