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Best Prime Day smart home deals: Expect Google Home and Echo special offers

20 Jun 2019

Amazon traditionally cuts deep discounts on smart home devices for Prime Day, especially for its own-brand products and bundles including Ring, Blink, Echo, and Fire. Smart home device deals sell in huge volumes and sometimes sell out early, as happened during last year’s Cyber Monday sales for the Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Spot. Amazon traditionally carries extremely deep inventories, but don’t put off buying smart home deals while you browse other sales, or you may lose out.


If you can’t wait for Prime Day for specific smart home devices, there are plenty of great deals available today. Here are the hottest smart home buys on Amazon’s now:


Amazon’s smart home devices aren’t just products for sale by the retail giant. When Amazon gives great deals on smart home devices, whether from their own stable of brands or with Alexa-compatible brands, those purchases shore up Amazon smart home ecosystem and make it easier to buy from Amazon directly. During past Prime Day sales events,  we’ve seen eye-popping deals on Echo and Alexa compatible devices, Ring video doorbells, alarms, and lighting, Blink security cameras, Fire tablets, Amazon Cloud Cams, and much more.

Prime Day is also a good day to stock up on smart home infrastructure items such as smart light bulbs, smart plugs, and smart light switches.

Alexa-compatible robotic vacuums usually have sweet discounts for Prime day. We also expect awesome deals on Instant Pots, Nespresso coffee machines, Dysonvacuums, Ninja pressure cookers, and Keurig single-serve coffee makers.


If you want to set up a smart home but haven’t begun, your first decision is whether you will build the smart network with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-compatible devices. There are other smart home platforms, but between them, Alexa and Google Assistant respond to voice commands for an overwhelming majority of the installations in the U.S. Amazon

Alexa is the leader by a wide margin, but Google Assistant is gaining fast with an impressive growth rate. There are more Alexa-compatible smart home devices than products that work with Google Assistant, but again, Google is building. Both platforms are in major growth mode, which helps keep prices low because they know many people would rather not switch after they decide, so low entry prices are a big draw. Once you decide on the platform, the next decision is whether you start with an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot for Alexa systems or the Google Home Mini or Google Nest Hub for that platform.

In the long run, you can choose either platform and do well. Smart home technology is still in its infancy and if you choose one platform today and later decide to switch, it may not be that big a deal. Most of the larger smart home device brands are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so if you do switch camps down the road, you won’t have to replace all your devices. We recommend that, when the choice is available, you select smart home devices that support both platforms.

One strategy for choosing your smart home platform is to consider what your family and friends use. If you select the same smart home ecosystem as most of your circle, you’ll find it easier to get help and suggestions and to share the learning and the fun.

By Bruce Brown

Source: Digital Trends