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Amazon’s silence on HQ2 only stokes more speculation

17 Aug 2018

There has been so little news of late about Amazon’s search for a second headquarters that some observers have taken to seizing on the slightest whiff of a clue about where the e-commerce giant might decide to locate its coveted $8 billion complex.

Take an advertisement the company posted last month seeking candidates for an economic development position in Washington, D.C. The notice sparked a round of news stories suggesting it meant the nation’s capital — already considered a front-runner for the so-called HQ2 — would indeed be chosen as the site of Amazon’s massive expansion project. Never mind that Amazon already has an economic development team — including the executive in charge of the HQ2 search — based in Washington and may just be adding to its staff.

Or the persistent rumor — most recently given life by a story this month in The New York Times— that the public release of a shorter short list of finalist cities for the project is imminent. It is not, an Amazon spokesman says.

Nearly a year after Amazon launched its search process to great fanfare — and hype — it’s hard to blame people for resorting to speculation. Even those with some degree of involvement in the search process say there is little actual news to report about where the campus, and its promised 50,000 jobs, might be heading.

Source: Boston Globe