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Amazon patents virtual changing room app

31 Jan 2019

Amazon is developing a fashion app that will allow users to try on data-led style recommendations in a virtual changing room.

The online retailer has reportedly lodged a UK patent for an app that will ‘data mine’ consumer information to predict their fashion style, before identifying possible suggestions.

After users opt into data-sharing, algorithms will draw on personal information on users’ phones, such as social media photographs and calendar events.

This would allow Amazon to establish a person’s job, how they spend their free time, the climate they live in and then suggest outfits for upcoming events.

Images of the users will be developed into virtual mannequins to allow them to virtually try on clothes and accessories for sale. They would then be able to swipe right or left on the app, depending on whether they like or dislike the outfit.

Amazon is increasingly eyeing a place in the fashion industry by launching its own clothing lines and developing algorithms that design clothing based on Instagram fashion trends.

It also launched a ‘try before you buy’ service for Amazon members in the UK last year.

Amazon said it could not comment on the patent.

Drapers also contacted Intellectual Property Office for comment.

Source: Drapers Online