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Amazon emerges as the most valuable US company

10 Jan 2019

Surpassing Microsoft as the world’s most valuable public company, Amazon has been named as the most valuable publicly-traded company in the US with a market value of $796.8bn.

Microsoft closed up 0.1 per cent on Monday with a market capitalization of $783bn.

It is the first time that Jeff Bezos’ Amazon has held the top spot. Bezos is the world’s wealthiest man with riches of $135bn, according to Bloomberg’s billionaire index.

Founded in 1994, Amazon started life as a niche second-hand bookseller and has become an online retailer of items ranging from fresh food to clothes.

Amazon is now the most valuable company in the world:

Amazon: $797 billion
Microsoft: $789 billion
Google: $745 billion
Apple: $702 billion
Berkshire Hathaway: $485 billion

Source: London Loves Business