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Amazon shortlists 20 cities for its new headquarters

21 Jan 2018

In the coming months, the company said it will work with each of the locations to “dive deeper” into their proposals, obtain more information and evaluate how the city could accommodate¬†Amazon’s¬†hiring plans and benefit its workers and the local community.

Driven by Amazon’s promise of economic growth, local leaders in areas ranging from CT to Oklahoma vied to host the company, which is now based in Seattle.

The other finalists are Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Toronto, Miami, Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Newark, New York City, Boston, the northern Virginia area and Montgomery County, Maryland. Some Seattle residents have said Amazon’s growth put strain on the city’s transportation infrastructure and has contributed to a dramatic spike in housing costs – affecting low-income residents and favoring the tech elite.

Some state and local governments have shared details of the financial incentives they are dangling.

Mark Abraham ’04, executive director of the data analysis nonprofit DataHaven, said Amazon’s request for proposals suggested a preference for large cities, which he said often have stronger airport connections and a larger pool of workers from which to draw.

It is also possible that some names on the list were included as a way to pressure neighboring regions into sweetening their offer, said Holzmann.

New Haven Economic Development Administrator Matthew Nemerson SOM ’81 told the News that he was disappointed by Amazon’s decision to exclude Bridgeport and New Haven from the list of finalists, but that the city was cognizant of the difficulty of incorporating 50,000 people. “Proof that you don’t need to live here to know it’s an incredible place to call home”.

Amazon said it expects to make a final selection later this year. Watch these application videos to see how hungry locales were for the spot.

Source: Click Lancashire