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Amazon starts work on new logistics centre in Corvera

Amazon starts work on new logistics centre in Corvera
18 Feb 2020

Amazon has started construction on a 55,000 sq metre logistics centre on the Parque del Sureste, next to Corvera airport, which will serve as it’s distribution platform for the southeast area of ​​the country.

After levelling the site, the first pillars were installed last Tuesday with the infrastructure expected to be ready in the next three months.

When the centre opens it could create about 200 new jobs, although local media is reporting that the company is so impressed with the speed with which permissions have been processed that it could already be considering enlarging the facility to employ as many as 1,000 people locally, which would be added to a workforce that already has more than 4,800 permanent staff.

Amazon, who’s executives recently met with representatives of the Regional Government and the Consistory, say that they have chosen this location next to the A-30 not only because of its proximity to Corvera airport, but also because of the good communications with the port of Cartagena and the middle of Spain.

The opening of the La Paloma link, which connects the Puerto de la Cadena with Alcantarilla, has also accelerated the road connection with Andalusia and the French border.

Source: The Leader