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Amazon Logistics Predictive Delivery Tracking

Amazon Logistics Predictive Delivery Tracking
10 Dec 2017

Amazon have yet again upped their delivery experience with the introduction of predictive tracking for items delivered by Amazon Logistics, their in-house courier service.

Whilst Amazon aren’t giving expected arrival times for deliveries, they have added a map showing where the driver is in comparison to your location and how many drop offs they have to do before they get to you.

This is superb, Amazon have now left behind the days of waiting in all day for a delivery as you can see both on desktop and mobile (including the mobile app) how far away your goods are from arriving.

For my delivery today, the display still advises that my delivery today will arrive by 8pm, but helpfully I can see that the driver is already in my road and only has two drops left before he gets to my house. That means I won’t be running down to the shops just yet and will wait at home until my packages arrive.

The Amazon Logistics predictive delivery tracking service has launched just in time for the Christmas rush when shoppers are naturally likely to want more certainty over their deliveries. The tracking also enables you to make in-flight delivery changes so if you want your parcel dropped at a specific neighbours house or want to ask for it to be left in a last minute safe place then you can do so.

Amazon are also running a short four question survey for users asking for their opinion of the map experience. They ask how helpful it is to be able to track your package on the map, why you found it helpful and if there is any way that the experience could be improved. Short of giving a time estimate I find it hard to believe that this Amazon Logistics service enhancement will be anything other then well received.

Source: TameBay