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Amazon Keyword Research – How to Best Optimize Your Amazon Keywords to Rank Higher in Amazon SERPs – A Short Guide to Effective Amazon Keyword Planning

Selling on Amazon is one of the best ways to get your product out there. Private label sellers used to have a limited chance of ‘spreading the word’ before online retail took over the retail commerce in America. Most sellers would, back then, rely on blunt marketing gimmicks, expensive television slots or good-old word of mouth. Amazon, being the largest online retailer, allows sellers to avoid firing shots in the dark. But selling on Amazon isn’t as straightforward as uploading a product and waiting for the orders to pile up. In fact, many sellers have to bear months of no traction before the product can attract more customers. This is where keywords come to the fore. And when dealing with keywords, ‘planning’ has to be your go-to keyword. Amazon keyword research, when done right, has enormous potential to skyrocket your product to the top of the SERPs.

This short guide to Amazon keyword research will try to explain to Amazon sellers – novice and experienced alike – what Amazon keyword research is, why it’s important and how you can benefit from it. We’d also like to recommend every Amazon seller to go through our free series of Amazon how-to guides to find ideas, answers and hopefully, some inspiration as well!

Amazon Keyword Research – What Is It All About?

The very concept of ‘keywords’ dates backs to the early years of computers. From using searchable meta tags to employing various sorting tools, developers used to make sure that they could always find what they were looking for from the vast pools of data. This concept became one of the important pillars of the internet as search engines started compiling billions of pages.

The same idea applies in its entirety to online marketplaces. There are millions of products out there actively selling every day on Amazon. The standard procedure for a buyer is to input the search query and see what comes up. Simple enough, right?

But this is what your entire Amazon performance hinges on. If the buyer doesn’t see what you are selling, they are never going to buy it. So, it becomes only too reasonable to make sure that your products ‘show up’ when someone searches for them. Without having a set of keywords helping you out here, this is never going to happen.

Amazon keyword research is, in short, a detailed analysis of popular search terms, relevant key phrases and long-tailed keywords.

Amazon Keyword Research – Why Is It Important?

There exist several reasons why every Amazon seller needs to pay close attention to the keywords they are using. While it’s still possible to edit the already-live Amazon listings in order to bring their keyword profile up to speed, it’s always a better idea to do so before the listing goes live.

The most prominent reason that makes Amazon keyword research indispensable, as we discussed earlier, is the visibility of the page. A page that balances ‘profitable’ keywords with niche, long-tailed phrases is always likelier to rank higher up the SERPs. But that’s not all. Here are some other reasons why staying on top of your Amazon keyword research can exponentially improve the sales:

Harnessing the Quality of the Traffic

While landing in the SERPs is the first important step, it surely isn’t the last. Once you have compelled a potential buyer to notice and visit your product’s page, you need to make sure that the visit turns into a sale. This is where the holy-grail of retail – the ‘conversion rate’ – comes into play. And the keywords you have used have a lot to contribute in this regard.

Gone are the days when sellers could simply stuff the copy full of various combinations of important keywords. Those strategies could improve the click through rate, but the buyer is rarely impressed with a page that’s utterly illegible. Therefore, while carrying out Amazon keyword research, it’s important to optimize keywords that are volume-heavy as well as context-rich.

Creating and Expanding a Niche

Creating a brand identity as a private label seller is challenging. Many sellers lack the resources it takes to build a brand that people will notice, remember and return to. In such cases, having the correct combination of keywords at your disposal can help you create a ‘niche’. Thoughtful copywriting based on methodical Amazon keyword research can certainly help you acquire more customers.

Standing up to the Competition

Regardless of the topic at hand, we always find ourselves discussing the cutthroat competition that Amazon is all about. In fact, most aspects of managing your presence on Amazon – from an inviting title to an all-round perfect SEO package – revolve around breaking away from this competition.

Amazon keyword research is no exception to this. While it’s imperative to stick to top keywords, it’s also equally vital to spot the ones that aren’t already ‘taken’. If your Amazon keyword research can concoct a recipe that balances these two extremes, your products are much likelier to register better sales.


Let’s consider the example of the product page of a regular water bottle. There are hundreds of products already out there which use obvious keywords like ‘water bottle’, ‘water tumbler’, etc. So, to stand out amidst the flurry of competing products, the seller may use keywords like ‘travel water cup’ or ‘car water bottle’, provided that they are associated with sizeable search volumes.

Amazon Keyword Research – How You Can Go About It

It’s no secret that there exist many websites that claim to help you perfect Amazon keyword research. All this, they claim again, happens at a click. Generous discounts and umpteen useless features only make such deals all the more tempting. But this is when it really pays to see through the smokescreen and realize that Amazon keyword research is not all about feeding words to a software – and it certainly takes more than a click! Much the reason why, the professional, result-oriented and performance-driven Amazon keyword research that we – at – offer is among the most important parts of our Amazon-centric services.

You, as an Amazon seller, can always carry out your own Amazon keyword research. The results of the same, however, may not always guarantee the performance you expect. Most Amazon sellers tend to use one of the ready-made tools that do nothing but extract data around the relevant keywords and present it in a sorted manner. But our Amazon keyword research service take into account multiple angles that generic software fails to even register.

Here are some notable features of our Amazon keyword research services:

A Thorough Analysis of Your Product

Before going ahead with the keyword research, we make sure that we understand your product. This involves studying the features and unique selling points.

Studying the Competition

The next step involves taking stock of the competition. We diligently assess top ranking products that your product will directly be competing with. This allows us to get an idea of the keywords that are and aren’t already saturated.

Using Our Bespoke Keyword Research Strategies

We do not rely on singular, tunnel-vision keywords that superficial research software come up with. We employ multiple Amazon keyword research tools and combine the results to zero in on keywords that allow us to maintain the delicate balance between search volume, potential, market trends, relevance and usability.

Manual Checks

Once we have the potential keywords ready, we carry out a thorough manual check to cull the irrelevant, unnecessary and unimportant keywords. Most Amazon keyword research tools lack such manual overrides. This enables us to use the shortlisted keywords with a better chance of registering conversions.

Amazon ‘Hidden’ Keywords – An Important Part of Amazon Keyword Research

Most Amazon sellers aren’t aware of the fact that Amazon allows them to add generic, long-shot keywords to their page. These keywords, termed as ‘backend keywords’ or ‘hidden keywords’, are to be input while uploading your product listing. As per the prevalent Amazon guidelines, these keywords are to be used only to complement your front-end, on-page keywords.


Let’s consider the product page for a ‘sunblock’. The front-end copy will use important keywords such as ‘sunscreen’, ‘suntan’ and ‘sunblock lotion’. Additionally, it may be a good idea to use distantly related but volume-heavy keywords such as ‘beach towels’ or ‘sunhats’ as backend keywords. These, although not directly related to the product in question, will help attract customers who are looking for items in the similar niche.

While carrying out your Amazon keyword research, it’s a good idea to also shortlist ‘hidden keywords’. You can read more about this feature here.

Please visit this page to request a free, step-by-step guide to uploading products to Amazon.

Amazon Keyword Research – Using the Keywords with Care

It may sound a tad too cliched, but keywords do hold the key here. Meticulous Amazon keyword research is important – but so is using the keywords judiciously.

Most sellers, especially the ones who aren’t aware of the ever-changing Amazon guidelines, tend to incorporate as many keywords as the character limits will allow for. This, almost always, leads to a bad reading experience. It also bodes ill for the performance of the product, despite making more people land on the page.

To avoid this, it’s important that the keywords are used with utmost care. From maintaining optimal keyword density to placing the keywords at right positions in the content, this involves a number of copywriting dimensions. couples its robust keyword research services with professional Amazon copywriting to help you unlock the 100% sales potential of your products.

Got Questions About Amazon Keyword Research? We’re Here to Help!

Amazon keyword research is a multi-faceted idea. It may not be easy to comprehend it fully well, but it’s entirely possible to make sure that your keyword research isn’t just about ‘fishing’ for words and hoping for the best. If you have any questions or queries about what keywords your listings should use, please feel free to drop us a line., with its exhaustive set of Amazon services, has helped numerous private label Amazon sellers and vendors improve their Amazon performance metrics by leaps and bounds. Right from finding the ever-so-precious keywords to creating professional product images as per the latest Amazon guidelines, our Amazon services are all you’ll ever need to set up a neat, tidy, attractive and, most importantly, profitable shop on Amazon!

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