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Amazon is on the brink of announcing HQ2 – here’s the site most likely to get it

02 Sep 2018
  • Amazon announced its HQ2 project on September 7 in 2017.
  • It’s been nearly a year since that date, and a lot has happened since then.
  • As the anniversary nears, cities and companies alike are eagerly awaiting Amazon’s decision.

It has almost been a year since Amazon announced its intention to create a second headquarters. And what a long, strange year it’s been.

Many twists and turns have lead to this point. Amazon has promised that it would arrive at a decision as to where HQ2 will be located by the end of year. It’s now September, and approaching the anniversary of Amazon’s first announcement that it would be pursuing the project — and all the shock and awe that came with it.

After promising the 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investment to whichever city hosts HQ2, nearly every metro area threw their hat in the ring to say it was willing. By December, Amazon had whittled down the list to 20. Since then, it’s been complete radio silence from Seattle.

So where are we? At Business Insider, we’ve long seen the evidence pointing to the DC area. With three locations in the DC area shortlisted for the new headquarters, it’s at least statistically most likely. Add to the fact that Amazon already has its public policy and lobbying positions in the city, the US capital seems like a shoo-in.

In recent months, the betting odds have quite literally zeroed in on Virginia. The state is in fact in the “bull’s-eye of America’s internet,” adding to its chances. A local news site called said it saw an unusual spike in traffic from Amazon to an article from December titled “County Wins Top Environmental Award from US Green Building Council” explaining how Virginia’s Arlington County was the first in the US to be selected for an environmental award.

Bezos is set to speak at DC’s The Economic Club on September. Some have speculated he might have a bit of news to share during his keynote. Either way, the HQ2 drama only has a little bit longer to play out.

Source: Business Insider UK