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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content – The Latest Updates Featuring New Modules & Alt-Text (June 18 Update)

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Update June 18

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content moves closer to the A+ Premium setup – Here’s all you need to know about the latest developments!

If you are an Amazon seller, you probably are much too familiar with the frequent changes Amazon brings about to their policies. From changing category definitions to regular tweaks to shipping terms, these changes vary from light to heavy in scope, depth and impact. The best way for you to keep up with these changes is to embrace them and make them work in your favor, rather than resist them and risk your product listings.

The latest – and arguably the most fascinating – updates introduced by Amazon recently revolve around the way Enhanced Brand Content delivers information to your customers.


Enhanced Brand Content Gains More Power

It’s certainly a piece of news that Amazon sellers should be excited about.

According to the official communication released by Amazon, the latest updates are meant to add a whole lot of firepower to the already-powerful Enhanced Brand Content modular system, bringing it closer than ever to its premium counterpart that was – until now – only available to Vendor Central users and A+ Premium Content registered brands.

What this essentially means is that if you operate a Seller Account handling a brand that is already registered with the Amazon Brand Registry, you can present your products to your customers in a way that’s nearly identical to the one used by premium brands with huge turnover numbers.

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Understanding the Latest Enhanced Brand Content Modules

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content – a system that many think is the absolute way forward for the retail giant – has experienced one radical makeover in the past six months. As we discussed in our Enhanced Brand Content guide, Amazon has shifted its focus from a somewhat monolithic schematic to an improved, more user friendly ‘modular’ design. Sellers can use up to 7 of these modules to create a listing that best represents their brand, the product in question and its features. As an Amazon seller, you can either use the 5 pre-set templates provided by Amazon or juxtapose the modules as per your preferences to create a fully customised template.

Let’s now take a look at the 6 ‘new’ modules that are the most prominent talking point of the latest Enhanced Brand Content updates. Amazon has labeled these as:

  1. Comparison Chart
  2. Single Image and Sidebar
  3. Four Image Highlights
  4. Single Image and Specs Detail
  5. Single Image and Highlights
  6. Image and Light Text Overlay

It’ll be easier to understand what each of these new modules brings to the mix if we analyse their features individually.

1.     Comparison Chart

As a premium Amazon services provider, we – at – are most excited about this module.

While perusing some premium products like an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet or Amazon’s flagship Echo Devices, you might have noticed a tabular feature that pits all the different models of the given product against one another, giving you a way of easily comparing the prices and features at one swift glace.

As can be noticed in the image above, this is a greatly valuable tool if you are selling multiple variants (sizes, colors, flavors, designs and so forth) of the same product. The backend settings of this module are shown in the image below:

You can compare up to 6 different ASINs on up to 10 comparison metrics using the ‘Comparison Chart’ EBC module.

2.     Single Image and Sidebar

This is another exciting feature that has – so far – been available only to brands using ‘Vendor Central’. This module combines the power of pictorial representation with short, crisp and to-the-point textual description. What’s noteworthy about this module is its compatibility with rich formatting styles like bullet points.

Here’s what the backend settings for this module look like:

The sidebar here essentially works as an additional desktop-only feature that will, in all likelihood, be suppressed when you change to the mobile view. Regardless of this little snag, this is a great conversion-oriented module that can sum up the major features of your product in a concise, no-nonsense way. It can also be a fitting substitute for some of the relatively chunkier modules of the past.

3.     Four Image Highlights

This module is quite similar to the ‘Feature 2’ that has been available to Amazon sellers since the first launch of the modular Enhanced Brand Content scheme. While the ‘Feature 2’ used 3 images and corresponding text placements, the all-new ‘Four Image Highlights’ module uses four.

The backend settings for this module are shown in the image below.

This module allows you to juxtapose four product images with the relevant prominent features in the form of titles and short text blurbs. The point here, as you can guess, is to grab the eyeballs and turn them into sales.

4.     Single Image and Specs Detail

This is a ‘tiny’ module that is probably more suitable for tech, lifestyle and healthcare products. It consists of just one image (300 x 300 p), accompanied by 2 text placements.

The text placements here are supposed to lay the major specs of the product out in a systematic way that customers can quickly notice upon visiting the page. This module can potentially help you improve the Click Through Rate (CTR) by putting what customers would want to see right up there.

5.     Single Image and Highlights

Much too similar to the ‘Single Image and Specs Detail’, this module lets sellers attach a small product image (300 x 300 p) to 2 short text placements.

6.     Image and Light Text Overlay

This module lays a short text over a header image (970 x 300 p). At this point, the first look of this module is identical to the ‘Feature 6’ that is already available to sellers. This module can be a great way of emphasizing the most notable USP of the product using a combination of a catchy text and high definition imagery.

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Updated Enhanced Brand Content Modules – June 2018

Modules Text Placement Image Dimensions (pixels) Rose Tulip Orchid Sunflower Lilly
Brand Logo* 1 Image (600 x 180) 1 1 1 1 1
Description/Brand Introduction* 1 1 1 1 1 1
Feature 1 4 4 Images, linear alignment (220 x 220) 1
Feature 2 3 3 Images, linear alignment (330 x 300) 1 1 1
Feature 3 4 4 Images, arranged in a grid (135 x 135)
Header 4 1, to the right 1 Image, to the left (300 x 300) 1 2 2 1 1
Header 5 1, to the left 1 Images, to the right (300 x 300) 1 2 1 1 1
Header 6 1, embedded inside the image 1 Image (970 x 300) 2 1 1 2 2
Main Header 1 Image (970 x 600)
Comparison Chart 2 5 Images (150 x 300)
Single Image and Sidebar 6 2 Images in total

[Main Single Image (300 x 400) and Sidebar Image (350 x 175)]
Four Image Highlights 4 4 Images (300 x 300)
Single Image and Specs Detail 2 1 Image (300 x 300)
Single Image and Highlights 2 1 Image (300 x 300)
Image and Light Text Overlay 1 1 Image (970 x 300)

Image Keywords (Alt-Text) for Enhanced Brand Content

In addition to the wholesale introduction of new modules, Amazon has also rolled out the ‘Image Keyword’ functionality for all Enhanced Brand Content enabled product listings. In the simplest of words, an ‘Image Keyword’ is essentially an ‘Alt-Text’ that webmasters have been using for years to have the images on their websites rank in specific Google Image search results.

In this context, the ‘Image Keywords’ aim to improve the shopping experience for customers with visual impairments. While these tags will not be visible on the front-end of the listing, screen reader applications (such as Amazon’s own Alexa) will be able to read them out loud to customers.


Let’s consider a generic example:

If this image is a part of your Enhanced Brand Content enabled listing, you will be required to submit a simple ‘Alt-Text’ that describes the image. In this case, it can very well be A silver spoon, fork & knife on a table.

Along with improving the experience for customers with visual impairments, the ‘Image Keywords’ are also expected to add a little bit of traction to the overall Amazon SEO weightage of your listing.

Excited About the Latest Enhanced Brand Content Updates?

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