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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content – Improve Sales with Enhanced Brand Content Guidelines for Private Label Sellers

Amazon, the largest e-tailer in America, provides a massively powerful platform for private label sellers. In fact, it’s hard to even imagine the idea of internet-based retail without Amazon. The world would be a stranger place if we had to visit different websites just to buy countless different products. But this platform comes at a price – the enormous competition that sellers have to face. This page will discuss how private label sellers can, to an appreciable extent, leap ahead of this competition using the latest Amazon offering: Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

Important – Amazon has recently changed the standard EBC templates. Click here to know how the latest, modular templates will work for your Amazon listings!

Along with discussing what Enhanced Brand Content is, we will also elaborate on how it works and what strategies sellers should adopt to make the most of it. We will also discuss the finer details of Enhanced Brand Content guidelines set out by Amazon. This article comes as a vital link in our free Amazon SEO guide series. Please take some time out to read the other parts of this series to better understand the intricate world of Amazon SEO.


What is Enhanced Brand Content?


Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Guidelines, Templates, Examples –

Enhanced Brand Content: A Better Way to Present Your Product, Courtesy:

Have you ever seen the product page for a premium product like the latest iPhone? Or, how about the cutting-edge VR glasses that are taking the world by the storm? Did you notice how these products can present themselves in a freer, more premium way than your products were ever able to?

Well, to level this playing field is the whole idea behind Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

Enhanced Brand Content is the latest tool Amazon has introduced to give private label sellers a chance to beat the competition. Rolled out toward the end of 2016, this tool was, for quite a few days, at the top of the most discussed topics among Amazon sellers.

Enhanced Brand Content is specifically aimed at sellers who own the copyright to the product being listed. It gives such sellers an added advantage of customizing the ‘Product Description’ field of their listing in pre-set templates. These templates not only look much better than the default setting, but they also allow you to present your product in a theme of your choice. You can add multiple, high-quality images to further enhance the appeal of your product.

This, needless to say, results into a cleaner, more attractive listing that is much likelier improve sales.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: Who is It for?

While undeniably attractive, EBC is unfortunately not available to every seller out there. As of now, Amazon has kept the availability of Enhanced Brand Content limited to select private label sellers.

There are some key points sellers need to note here:

  • EBC is available only to sellers registered with the latest, updated Brand Registry. So, if your store isn’t registered for the same, do follow this link to complete the registration.
  • If your store was previously registered with the Brand Registry, you may want to submit a new application. You will be eligible to use EBC only when your new application is approved.
  • The EBC tool is only available for products that your brand owns the trademark to. If you’re a third-party seller and you try to list an already-live product again, you won’t be able to implement EBC.
  • It’s worth noting that Amazon has stricter rules and norms when it comes to the validity of listings that use EBC templates.

What Does Enhanced Brand Content Let You Do?

The first and the foremost impact that EBC has on any listing is the visual appeal. This is, quite obviously, also the most significant positive to take from the whole deal. It is a widely accepted fact that listings that ‘catch the visual fancy’ of shoppers have a solid edge over listings that don’t. Shabby formatting, lack of coherence, hard-to-read text blocks and a general lack of order are quite common for listings uploaded by inexperienced sellers. These lead to little to no sales, further triggering a runaway phenomenon of invisibility. To avoid this, EBC can be a great asset, even for new sellers.

Some of the most prominent advantages of employing EBC, other than the visual appeal, are:

Presenting Your Brand with More Promise

It’s tough to get people to know about your brand, even if your product is of the best quality. Many sellers, despite having original products in their inventory, struggle to clock deserving sales numbers. This can be dealt with by presenting your brand in a better light to potential customers. EBC lets you do that by ‘telling your story’, so that people realize that what they are looking at is a product worth buying.

Fine Tuning the Listing

Gone are the days of mono-paragraph listings that are hard to navigate. With more formatting options available at your disposal thanks to EBC, you can tweak your listing to achieve some mind-blowing results. A clear stream of thought in the ‘description’ field of your listing also helps the customers understand what they are getting for their money.

Standing Out Amidst High Competition

This is perhaps the most intangible yet equally significant advantage of EBC. A listing that uses EBC templates is almost certainly going to establish trust about the quality of the product. This can be of immense help to acquire newer customers, garner favorable reviews and keep moving up in the Best Seller Rank.

How Much Does Using Enhanced Brand Content Cost?

Absolutely nothing*.

As long as your brand is registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you will be able to incorporate EBC for your original products for free. Sellers can, however, expect Amazon to start charging fees for the same in the near future. So, private label sellers who qualify for this program are best advised to sign up at the earliest.

It’s worth noting here that products that fall under the ‘prohibited or restricted’ categories won’t be able to use EBC templates.

*As of November, 2017. 

Enhanced Brand Content Templates: Which One to Choose?

Important – Updated EBC Templates for Amazon Listings

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Guidelines, Templates, Examples –

Amazon EBC Templates – Enhanced Brand Content Templates, Courtesy:

Amazon currently offers four pre-set EBC templates for sellers to choose from. These templates are generic models that Amazon expects will address the requirements of most categories, if not all. The following image shows what these templates are.

Enhanced Brand Content Template 1

  • Structure: 4 rows each of title, text, 2 images.
  • Image size: Maximum 300 x 650 pixels, each.
  • Pros: Standard, clean layout; Easy navigation; Better presentation.
  • Cons: Lack of a large, inviting banner image.

Enhanced Brand Content Template 2

  • Structure: A banner image; 4 rows each of title, text and 2 images.
  • Image size: Maximum 970 x 600 pixels, for the banner image; Maximum 300 x 650 pixels, for all other images.
  • Pros: Convincing presentation; Better suited for individual products with little brand goodwill.
  • Cons: Can look a little congested if formatted poorly.

Enhanced Brand Content Template 3

  • Structure: Two blocks each of 1 large image, title and text.
  • Image size: Maximum 970 x 600 pixels, each.
  • Pros: Works great with intuitive products.
  • Cons: Only two image fields are available.

Enhanced Brand Content Template 4

  • Structure: 1 banner image with an optional title; 2 rows each of title, text and 1 smaller image; footer compilation of 3 smaller images and accompanying text.
  • Image size: Maximum 970 x 600 pixels, for the banner image; Maximum 300 x 300 pixels, for all other images.
  • Pros: Offers the best control over formatting; Ample visual appeal; Ability to demonstrate finer product details in greater depth.
  • Cons: Adds little value to the presentation of intuitive products.

Enhanced Brand Content Template 5

  • Structure: One large image with a title and accompanying text.
  • Image size: Maximum 970 x 1300 pixels.
  • Pros: Simple, minimalist layout; Great way to showcase expensive but intuitive products.
  • Cons: Unsuitable for products that feature newer, lesser-known features or attributes.

Choosing the right EBC template is the key here. Sellers usually don’t spend enough time thinking about the relative value addition that each template brings on board. As a rule of thumb, it’s safe to say that if your product needs to be ‘displayed’ rather than ‘talked about’, a template with more images is the way to go – and vice versa.

Example: A cutting-edge gadget may be better off using the EBC template 2 or 4 to satisfactorily display all the features. On the other hand, an intuitive product like a multi-vitamin supplement can best benefit from the EBC template 5.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Guidelines

Selling on Amazon is much about the quality of your product. But that’s not all that matters. At all times, on all days, you have to stay on the right side of Amazon guidelines to keep your listing live – and the same applies for Enhanced Brand Content, as well.

Amazon has issued a detailed set of Enhanced Brand Content guidelines to help sellers understand this better. Some of the most important among these are:

  • Don’t use trademarks or copyright information while creating the listing.
  • Avoid making any references to external websites or competitor products.
  • Don’t refer to the price of the product in the description field in any terms.
  • Don’t refer to any freebies or free shipping deals you’re offering.
  • Refrain from including moneyback or warranty details in the description field.
  • Don’t use suggestive language instructing the buyer to place an order.
  • Never leave your listing open to grammatical errors, poor drafting or irrelevant information.
  • Don’t use images that violate the image guidelines set out by Amazon.

While there are many other guidelines to adhere to, these should tell sellers how stricter the Amazon’s EBC policies are, in comparison with regular listings. We, at, have assembled a team of EBC experts who know what it takes to stay within the rules and create a bestselling copy for your product.

Do get in touch to know more.

Enhanced Brand Content: Getting Approved

Once you have signed up for EBC, you can upload up to 20 EBC enabled listings in a batch. Please note that each and every among these will have to receive Amazon’s approval before it goes live. You can also choose to upgrade any existing ASIN that qualifies for the program. This will override the existing ‘description’ field for that particular ASIN with the new, templated format.

It typically takes 2-3 working days for Amazon to approve or reject your EBC draft. If, unfortunately, your EBC draft violates any guidelines, Amazon will notify you regarding the improvements you can make to the draft in order to get the approval.

Do Your Products Really Need Enhanced Brand Content?

It’s a difficult question to answer objectively. There are certain things to consider before you make a move from HTML to EBC.

Does the Added Cost Make Sense?

While Amazon itself won’t charge you any fees for implementing EBC, you will still have to invest in better product images, more compelling copywriting and of course, the brand registration. So, if all these added costs make sense for your products, it’s worth upgrading to EBC.

Does Your Product Face Huge Competition?

EBC is particularly useful for products that fall under crowded categories like Electronics, Home & Kitchen or Health & Personal Care.

Does Your Product Bring New Features to the Table?

If the product in question brings something new, something unique to the mix, it makes for an ideal EBC candidate. A fitting combination of text and images can best describe the new features of such products.

Enhanced Brand Content is Worth the Hassle – Only If Done Right!

Implementing EBC for your Amazon listings isn’t a straightforward process. So, it’s only reasonable that most sellers haven’t yet made the shift. This, however, gives you a good chance to move with the winds and stay ahead of the curve – just like numerous sellers like you already have.

We are here to help you with any EBC queries you may have. From preparing beautiful, conversion-oriented product images to drafting compelling copies, we take care of every EBC aspect so that you can seamlessly upgrade.

Enhanced Brand Content is the future of customer acquisition – and the best time is act is now!