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We offer a comprehensive Amazon Copywriter Service to produce compelling, sales-focused, upload-ready copies for your product listings. Stay on the right side of frequently updated Amazon guidelines with our bestselling Amazon Copywriter service that also comes with multiple, prompt revisions at absolutely no extra cost. With highly experienced & dedicated Amazon Copywriters on board, we consistently produce hugely successful listings for products across almost all categories.

Let your product be seen, purchased and appreciated by more customers with a fully optimized listing copy.




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Why is Great Amazon Copywriting so Important?
If you are an Amazon seller, you already know how difficult it is to attract ‘eyeballs’ to your product page. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar products out there trying to grab the attention of customers, leaving you with an increasingly decreasing customer base if you don’t act on it.
One way to stand up to this competition is to abide by every Amazon guideline and breeze past scores of ‘black-hat’ listings that Amazon automatically suppresses. Now, to beat the legitimate competition, you need to use SEO to the best of your ability. This is where our Amazon Copywriting service comes to the fore. We not only draft an attractive, compelling sales copy, but also make sure that it is as laminarly optimized as possible. This, over time, pushes your product listing to the top of the search results, resulting into more sales, more positive reviews and an expanding customer base that knows, loves and trusts your brand.
Service Summary
Being a leading US based Amazon Copywriter service, we know the importance of consistency when it comes to producing product listings. Therefore, with our Amazon Copywriting package, you get an end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of an Amazon product page.
A keyword rich, SEO title is the most important part of your Amazon listing. We’ll use the best performing keywords to create your unique title, which will succinctly focus on your product’s USPs and create a compelling call to action to make buyers either order there and then, else be captivated enough to want to find out more about your product.
Product Features (Bullet Points)
The bullet points are of great importance to any Amazon listing, yet are often surprisingly overlooked. This area of the listing presents a fantastic opportunity to really sell your product by summarizing the key features, benefits and USPs in a clear and concise manner. This area is the second most important part of the listing, so our Professional Amazon Copywriters will combine the information you provide to us, together with our SEO keywords to produce short, powerful bullets which will make buyers want to click the “Add to Cart” button and place an order right away. It’s vital to avoid bottlenecks like shopping cart abandonment. Well-drafted and convincing bullet points help you do just that.
Product Description
The product description forms the largest component of the listing in terms of size and ability to portray the product’s features and benefits in detail and therefore is important.
Many sellers neglect this part of the listing by either pasting the bullet points as they are or by borrowing words from other products. While it is, to some extent, true that product descriptions are not often read by many customers, it’s rather foolish to treat them shabbily.
As an Amazon seller, you want to seize and maximize every single opportunity you get to do better than your competition. To help your product listing achieve this edge, we write a thorough description that gives buyers a more in-depth understanding of your product and why they should buy it. In addition, a keyword-rich description helps your product find relevant customer traffic that is more likely to convert into sales.
To save you time, we’ll even provide this description in full HTML tags, so it’s ready to be pasted directly into Seller Central. The upload console will then enable paragraph breaks to be created and items to be bolded. This will help you make the copy look easy on the eye, highlight the important features and let your customers skim through the information at a faster speed.

If you wish to know more about our Amazon Copywriter service, contact us today and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours!

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